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Jyebao is a vertically integrated manufacturer of coaxial connectors, adaptors, cable assemblies, raw cable and passive components. We have 3 factories in Taiwan where all design, production and testing is done. Production capabilities include: CNC Swiss Lathe machining; milling; fully automated electro-plating lines; extruding of cable dielectric&jacket, braiding, taping, stripping, … Testing capabilities include: VNA ( up to 120 GHz), time domain, PIM testing, thermal shock test chamber; hermetic testing, IP testing, corrosion testing, X-ray testing on plating thickness, durability testing,…




Coaxial Connectors

Over 2000 standard connectors are available off the shelf. We make a lot of customized RF connectors: on average 3 new connectors are developed each week.


Coaxial Adaptors

Over 800 standard adaptors available including NMD adaptors, mitered adaptors, Low PIM adaptors, snap on adaptors, multi-directional adaptors, precision adaptors (up to 70GHz).


Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Semi-rigid, flexible, conformable, standard test cables (up to 50GHz), superflexible test cables, phase matched assemblies,…



We focus on the production of semi-rigid, conformable and low loss cable. Also regular RG cable is made in house.


Coaxial Passive Components

Fixed attenuators, rotary joints, bias Tee’s, phase trimmers, matching pads, power dividers, DC blocks, feed through terminations, dipole antenna’s, high power terminations.